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What's in My Fridge & Freezer?

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It’s not just at the EOFY that stocktakes are needed... I like to do a stocktake every week or two! Of my fridge and freezer, that is. 😁  I dig through my freezer, clean out the fridge, and write down all the meals and prepared foods I have stashed away. This way things don't get lost at the bottom of the freezer and the back of the fridge (hopefully!), I know what I have for the weekly meal plan, and I cut down on unnecessary shopping and food waste! 

I like to get a few meals prepared ahead for the week on the weekends, and my sister works with me on Mondays and cooks meals as well as basics like ghee, muffins, and snacks, which really helps my week to run more smoothly. Now that there are four adults in our home going off to work each day and needing packed lunches, plus all the other meals to cook for six adults, as well as a business to run, I find I really need to bulk prep as much as possible to save myself time and avoid the mealtime stress.

Here's a glimpse of my 'fridge/freezer stocktake' - the result of a couple of days of bulk cooking plus some bits and pieces that were already in the freezer. I highly recommend getting a friend over and doing a big cook-up together, then dividing up the meals - it's more fun that way and you'll be amazed at how much you can get done in a few hours!

Scroll down for links to lots of these recipes; and see the notes at the end of each recipe for storage tips.

Meatball Soup

Anyone else make lists of absolutely everything in your journal? :D #listaddict

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Lamb Chop Hotpot and Russian Custard Ice Cream

My Fridge & Freezer Meals
(Click on links under titles to go to recipes & videos;
click on 'View Entire Message' at bottom of page to see complete list.)

Lamb Chop Hot Pot
recipe here

Cheese Pizza Bases
recipe in this video

Roast Veggies
how to here

Bolognese Sauce w/ Mung Bean Vermicelli
recipe here - cook in a large pot on stove, add a little extra stock, cook noodles in sauce

Sweet 'n' Sour Chicken Stirfry
recipe video here

recipe in Quirky Cooking cookbook

Roasted Berries
recipe in Life-Changing Foodvideo here

Broccoli & Cauliflower Cheesey Tuna Bake
recipe video here

Russian Custard Ice Cream
 recipe & video here

recipe in Life-Changing Food, video here

Roast Beef 
recipe in Quirky Cooking for Gut Health program

Grain Free Dough
recipe in Life-Changing Food

Cauliflower & Leek Mash
recipe here

Oven Baked Beef Stew
recipe video here

Oven Baked Fish Fingers
recipe here

Herbed Meatballs & Veggies in Stock
recipe here

Nomato Sauce
recipe in Life-Changing Food

Passionfruit Butter & Tarts
recipe & video here

Beef & Chicken Stock
recipes here

Seedy Crackers
recipe in The Gut Health Formula

White Bean Stew
recipe coming soon

Grain Free Pumpkin Bread
packet mix from Primal Alternative

Poached Chicken in Stock
recipe video here

Braised Lentils
recipe here

Chicken Liver & Mushroom Pate
recipe here

Cream of Broccoli Soup
recipe in LIfe-Changing Food

Gooey Flourless Fudge Brownies
recipe here

Cardamom & Date Tart
recipe in LIfe-Changing Food

Almond Meal Pastry
recipe in LIfe-Changing Food

Almond & Linseed Paleo Bread
recipe here

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