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Spicy Cabbage Rolls + Done is Better Than Perfect! 😁

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Hi Emma, 


How are you going with healthy eating, and cooking nourishing meals for yourself and your family? Ever feel like giving up because it's all too hard and you can't do it perfectly?


We all go through stages like that. Which is why I recorded this video for my Quirky Cooking Chats YouTube channel and podcast!


This episode is all about letting go of perfectionism and just jumping in and giving it a go... whether 'it' is cooking, working on improving your diet, starting a new project, business tasks you've been putting off, exercising, or anything else in life that is making you feel overwhelmed and 'stuck'!


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I have a bit of fun trying out a recipe I've never tried before (Spicy Cabbage Rolls), while swapping around ingredients to use what I have, adjusting for a double batch on the fly, overflowing the pot in the oven, and running late for dinner... 😄 


My good friend Helen Marshall of Primal Alternative then joins me on the show to chat about why "Done is Better Than Perfect"! We talk about what we do when we feel 'stuck', and many of the things we've learnt over the years that have helped us ditch perfectionism and move forward with our health and in our businesses. (Helen is my 'business bestie', and such an inspiration to me. You can find out more about her business here.)


I hope you enjoy this fun video, and feel inspired to jump in and start something you've been wanting to do, but have put off because you're worried it won't be perfect! (And I also hope you're inspired to make some cabbage rolls - yum!!)


For those of you needing inspiration for your meal plan this week, scroll down to see my meal plan and links to recipes.


Have a great week,


Jo xx

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This week's menu

(click here to get a blank meal planner for yourself)

Where to find the recipes

lemon chicken with roasted veggies
(recipe in Life-Changing Food book or app)

beef roast with roasted veggies and papaya chutney

baked fish

roasted brussels sprouts (or braised brussels sprouts)

meatloaf with tomato & onion sauce (keep an eye out for this recipe on the blog this week!)

cheesey pizza bases (see how to make in this video)

chilli bowls (recipe in Life-Changing Food book or app)

fermented salsa (recipe here or in Life-Changing Food book or app)

slow-cooked chicken marylands (keep an eye on my Instagram and Facebook story videos for this one!)

grain free dough (recipes in Life-Changing Food book or app)

kale triangles (watch me make them on Instagram or Facebook)

bacon, egg & spinach pies (watch me making these on Instagram or Facebook)

roasted fruit (watch me making these on Instagram or Facebook)

russian custard ice cream

curried veggies

meat stocks

for lots of smoothie ideas, see Life-Changing Food book or app

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