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"Choose Your Own Adventure" Meals!

Hey Emma, hope you're having a great week! I wanted to send you a few ideas for this week's meals, but I'm a bit slow (how is it Wednesday already??), so I'll keep this short and sweet! Here's a few of our favourite 'choose your own adventure' meals - click on the photos to watch the video or find the recipe. You can use what you've got on hand and change them up any way you'd like! Hope you enjoy, have a lovely week.
Jo x

Gypsy Stew
(Recipe in Life-Changing Food cookbook)

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Savoury Mince - a childhood favourite!


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Frittata (also know as 'Breakfast Pizza' at our house)


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Exciting news!!

"Quirky Cooking Chats" - my new cooking podcasts and videos!!

2020 has been a year of changes. As I nestled in to my home during lockdown I began sharing my everyday cooking via videos on my stories, and I had so much feedback about how much people loved having really practical help (and videos) for cooking for good health. Not just the science and nutrition information, but HOW to put it all into practice in everyday life. Soooo... “A Quirky Journey” podcast has now become “Quirky Cooking Chats“, where you can listen (and watch!) as I cook in my kitchen and chat about ‘real life’ nutrition and healthy living with friends and guests!! 😍

I'm so excited about this new direction, and I hope it will be really helpful for you all. I'll be posting the topic for each episode a week or two ahead so you can ask questions, and I'll answer the questions in the video. Yay! 🎉🎉🎉

On Quirky Cooking Chats, you can:

- Watch practical, doable cooking videos, ask questions, and be inspired to make simple changes that will maximise your health and wellbeing without the stress and overwhelm.

- Cook along with me, learn about “food as medicine", develop a healthy mindset towards nourishing your family with real food, and learn how I balance the food prep and cooking for my family with running my own business and raising four kids.

- Listen in as I chat with friends and guests about everything from culinary medicine and nutrition to family food stories, healthy homes, regenerative farming, reducing stress, balancing work-family-life, saving time and money while eating well, and much more!

Listen & Watch here:

* Quirky Cooking YouTube channel

* Quirky Cooking Chats Podcast

* Also available on podcast apps and on iTunes, "Quirky Cooking Chats"

If you need more cooking ideas, visit my cooking videos page by clicking on the image below. :)

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