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What's on the menu this week?

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Hi Emma, 

Monday is cook up day here. My sister Joye comes to work with me in the kitchen so I have meals in the freezer for a busy week ahead. Here's what my menu looks like this week - you'll find recipe links below. 

Also, I've included a few snack ideas for the kids under the menu plan recipes. I'm not snacking much these days (I'm intermittent fasting atm) so I don't have many snacks on my menu. But I remember what it was like trying to keep hungry kids fed, especially if you have them at home with you all day... so hopefully these ideas will be helpful.!

Have a great week,

Jo xx

This week's menu

(click here to get a blank meal planner for yourself)

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Where to find the recipes

 savoury mince (video) on GF toast

beef & veggie stir fry (see recipe below from Quirky Cooking for Gut Health)

healing chicken soup

pork adobo

pickled vegetables (we swapped sugar for honey)

veggie nacho bowls (nacho sauce)

grilled fish with almonds

roast lamb shoulder (recipe in Life-Changing Food book or app)

tuna mornay (this recipe without the cheese)

grain free flat bread (recipe in Life-Changing Food book or app)

black sapote bread (use this banana bread recipe, swap banana for sapote)

24 hour yoghurt

russian custard ice cream

cheesey pizza bread (see how to make in this video)

meat stocks

for lots of smoothie ideas, see Life-Changing Food book or app

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Some snacks for the kids!

Here's some great ideas for snacks for the kids - maybe you could get them to watch these how-to videos and make the snacks themselves! Yay!! 😃

Lemon Yoghurt Cupcakes (these freeze well!)

Grain Free, Nut Free, Egg Free Muesli Bars (bake, cut into bars, freeze)

Kale Triangles (make them small for snacks, they freeze well!)

 Nut Butter with apple slices or crackers

Almond Butter Choc Chip Cookies

Honey-Sweetened Marshmallows

Homemade chocolate

Mini German Plum Cupcakes

Mini Egg, Bacon & Spinach Pies


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