The Quirky Cooking For Gut Health Program has moved!


We've finally moved the program over to our online program platform (Kajabi) and have added it to your Kajabi Library! Wooo!!!

If you don't know what in the world "Kajabi" is, don't worry - it's a platform (website) where all my programs, webinars and cooking workshops live, and whenever you join or buy one of those it shows up in your Library. 


Why the move?

I've been promising for the last few years to update this old program but it's a huge process (re-recording all the videos, rewriting everything... it's all a bit daunting)... But finally the first step is DONE, which is moving the old program over to this new platform. Phew! 


I've added in a few bonus videos and a bit more info and will begin updating the program piece by piece. But I wanted to go ahead and let you know that we have granted you access to the Quirky Cooking Kajabi platform and you will find all the original videos and ebooks here.


(If you haven't watched the program videos for a while, go have a look - and check out out how much I've changed since 2015!!! Wow, I still had a long way to go on my healing journey back then - I'm so thankful I kept working on my health and am looking (and feeling) SO much healthier now!)


How to log in on the new platform:

If you already have a Quirky Cooking Kajabi account, you can go ahead and log in to your Library, and you'll find Quirky Cooking for Gut Health there.


If you don't have a Quirky Cooking Kajabi account, check your inbox for an email from us that contains your new login details. (Search '' if you don't see it.)  


If you can't find the email don't stress!  


Simply click on the login button below, then click on the 'forgotten password' option on that page. From there you will be able to reset or create your password, and VOILA, you can log in and visit your Quirky Kajabi Library!!



How to log in to Quirky Cooking for Gut Health...               






Once logged into the platform, navigate to 'My Library'





Now click on the program tile, as show below to get started.


Thanks for connecting!


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