The Gut Health Formula

April 2021 

What's Included? 


8 week program, delivered live


12 months access to all program content


Videos, ebooks, cooking lessons


Easy to follow, step-by-step approach


Unlimited support during the 8 weeks


Next round begins Friday April 23rd

Payment Options

The Gut Health Formula - Pay in full - April 2021

$298.50 AUD
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What Topics are Covered?

  • Understanding health, the purpose/goal for you and your family.
  • Taking a balanced approach, not sacrificing your health in order to be healthy!
  • The simple approach to cooking for your family- bulk cooking, meal planning, shopping, food prep- all of our best hacks.
  • Dealing with fussy eaters- we have seen them all!
  • Understanding the role of stress and the steps you can take- this is one of the most powerful things you will do for your health.
  • Histamine, metals, parasites, MTHFR- if and when you have to think about these (hint: probably not now, there are other things to focus on first)
  • The healing foods - including tons of recipes!
  • A holistic look at all aspects of your health and how to devise a plan that takes it all in to account - without the stress and overwhelm.
  • What ‘healing’ looks like on a day to day basis - you can’t do it all, every single day!
  • Slowing things down and creating a plan for your family that is sustainable and brings you joy, not meltdowns!

What is Included?

  • 8 weeks (56 days) of Jo and Elyse’s support through a membership portal and online community.
  • Access to the ‘The Gut Health Formula' membership portal, containing weekly modules with videos, handouts and recipe booklets. This will be where you access and download all of your resources for the duration of the program.
  • Access to the ‘The Gut Health Formula' online community where you can communicate with Jo and Elyse, plus the other members of the community; daily support from our panel of experts; and ongoing access to the Alumni online community after the 8 weeks are finished.
  • 4 x 1 hour LIVE VIDEOS in the online community, with Jo Whitton (with questions!)
  • 4 x 1 hour LIVE VIDEOS in the online community, with Elyse Comerford (with questions!)
  • All of the information clearly laid out for you with easy to follow steps.
  • A balanced approach that does not include stress and overwhelm.
  • Connection with other like-minded people on a very similar journey.

It's not about the latest fad diet…

When trying to optimise the health of yourself and your families, the focus can become very narrow, and you can find yourself spiralling in an approach that is creating unhealthy patterns in other areas of your life (social, emotional etc) and also creating an unhealthy relationship with food. Health was never intended to be this way.

Jo and Elyse will guide you in an approach that considers EVERY aspect of your health (with nutrition being just one piece of the puzzle), keeping in mind the ultimate goal- which isn’t to do things ‘perfectly’, but rather to optimise health and longevity for yourself and your family. To be the healthiest, happiest most vital humans that you can be.

That is the ultimate goal right?


You can do it without the stress and overwhelm!!


The main goal of The Gut Health Formula is to support families as they introduce nourishing and healing principles into their lives.

This program is for those that are wanting to work on the gut health of their family, and is also suitable for those that want to follow the GAPS protocol (and perfect for those that don’t!). So if you want to improve the health of your family in the most balanced way possible (and without the stress and overwhelm!), this program is for you.

The focus for Jo and Elyse is not on perfection, it is all about how you and your family can become healthier AND happier, whilst taking small steps towards a more nourishing way of life. Focusing on what you can add in rather then on what you are taking out, and they provide you with the tools and strategies (as well as the amazing recipes!) so you can completely by-pass the stress and overwhelm.

You do not need to create more stress in your life in order to be healthier, it can be so simple!


 This is for anyone who:

  • is confused about what step they need to take next for their health
  • experiencing ‘information overload’
  • needs to improve the health of their gut
  • is lacking in energy, clarity, vitality
  • is suffering with long term health issues, or knows that their health could be better then it is
  • wants to boost their families nutrition and gut health
  • is confused about what is ‘healthy’
  • needs to take a step-by-step approach that is not overwhelming
  • wants to achieve vibrant health whilst sticking to a budget
  • needs clear and actionable steps laid out for them

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